Update 3/7/2015

Well I think I finally have things in order here, all I have to do is upload my content. so I have to find my scans and then they will get posted to the gallery. There are a ton that I have to scan in yet. Also there are a few projects I am currently working on, like a short story I am writing called “The First Bite,” which will include illustrations. When the story is finished it will be posted on my Bubblews account. I will probably give a preview of the story here. Will also leave previews of the artwork for the story here. I will make a new section here just for stories. Also included in my projects are a few new art pieces.


if i use word press on this server i have to keep it simple, i read the faq at my server about the cpu and it says wordpress eats the cpu if we have alot of interacting plugins and streaming wigets so i tried a few more different cms’s and this is still the only one i like and find simple enough to use. so i have to keep it plain, and not make it a social site.